New Website, New Trajectory

First, thanks for visiting our snazzy new webpage! We are lucky to have great talent on our Board of Directors and welcome our newest member and tech wiz, Josh to the team!

We at Japan ASCD are currently in our 23rd year of offering Tokyo, and the greater Japan community of educators, high-quality professional development from leading experts in the field of education. It is remarkable to reflect on how all of the various advances in technology, changing pedagogies, and professional growth in the local education community have impacted teaching and learning for our members. Our mission has always been to meet the diverse needs of our membership and we strive to continue to do so in every possible way. Be it through small coffee shop gatherings, large conferences, teacher-led workshops, or through the use of a hashtag to come together online, we hope that you feel supported and encouraged at our events. 

Having kicked off our 2014-15 school year with professional development that was geared explicitly to measuring a teacher's impact, we hope that this Visible Learning event and others in the future, will have all participants developing and reflecting on their practice, measuring their growth along the way, and set challenging goals for the future. 

Please feel free to join the conversation using any number of platforms that we have set up to serve our members, Facebook, G+, Twitter, Email or better yet- chat to you at our next event

Please check our website regularly for information on upcoming events and to stay involved in Japan ASCD.