School of the Future, Now

On the thirty-first of January, JASCD welcomed Gabriel Rshaid to the New Sanno Hotel for an inspiring day of professional development. Mr. Rshaid's workshop focused on numerous currently valued practices such as creating 21st century schools, understanding big data, and enabling student voice and choice in a Maker's school.

Mr. Rshaid workshop was highly engaging as he led participants through experiential collaborative learning using various online tools. Attendees gained insight into how online forums, such as a Wordpress blog, could be used to enhance student learning.  A strong focus was placed on using technology for learning rather than teaching as Mr Rshaid guided participants to a new understanding of what being an educator entails in the knowledge era.

Administrators and educators from schools around Tokyo appreciated the experience of learning collaboratively and sharing strong practices. The feedback from the workshop highlighted the tremendous impact Mr. Rshaid had on attendees:

The presenter once again engaged the audience in sharing his great knowledge, ideas in such a humble, yet powerful way. The profound knowledge was delivered so simply (not an easy task!) left me with the bigger understanding of it. This presenter can make everyone feel comfortable and valued by role modelling what needs to happen in every classroom, every day.

JASCD is thankful for the opportunity to provide such relevant and inspirational professional development to the professional teaching community of Japan.  We look forward to our upcoming Spring Conference on the seventh of March at the New Sanno Hotel. JASCD will host Elizabeth Ross Hubbell on using technology with research-based instructional strategies. Register today to guarantee your spot!